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Need a Concrete Foundation for your Buffalo, NY house?

Absolute Concrete Advantage:

We have the experience and know how to build the foundation for your building project and consider ourselves primary contractors for new foundation projects in Western New York and the Buffalo, NY area.

Sometimes, in older foundations, stress cracks develop from the shifting of the ground through frost heaves or earthquakes; also, over time, water can damage the concrete in a basement.  These types of damages can become a safety issue for your home.  We work to create a foundation that will last.

We are licensed and insured to do all new foundation work.  With Absolute Concrete, we know that concrete is the absolute foundation of the modern world.  As such, we can excavate, erect molds and pour a foundation according to your build specifications and schedule.  With certified employees and an impeccable safety record as well as experienced oversight, Absolute Concrete will get the job (large or small) done on time and to the highest standards.  We specialize in residential projects.  Call us today at (716) 998-0209 at our office in East Amherst, NY.
Picture (Here of Concrete Foundation)

Every building throughout the world is built on a foundation.  An absolute majority of foundations are made – formed really – out of concrete.  Most homes have basements, and these are an integral part of a home's foundation.

Types of foundations:

Slab:  A slab foundation is one that is basically laid straight onto the ground.  The steps involved in laying a slab include excavating the area to precise grade (slope or perfectly level).  This is accomplished using heavy equipment to move the earth and then tuned by the use of survey equipment such that the underlying ground is flat. Next, there is a substrate added, usually crushed stone and sand which is the foundation of your foundation or, sub-grade.  Once sub-grade is achieved to specifications, forms are carefully placed along the perimeter and concrete slurry is poured into the form and leveled.  Once the concrete cures, it is ready to build upon.

Basement: A basement includes all of the steps of a slab except that there are vertical walls around the perimeter of the slab on which the structure is built.  These walls are thick and structural and tied into the slab which is below ground.  The basement walls are created by erecting forms that are filled with concrete.  Once the concrete cures, the surrounding excavation is backfilled.

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